Andrea Molesini


Forgetting to Question the Owl

Edizioni Amadeus 1998, pp. 51, EURO 5,00

Forgetting to Question the OwlTO W.B. YEATS

Wisdom is a butterfly
and not a gloomy bird of prey
said the poet
forgetting to question the owl.

“Read these poems, however, for sheer pleasure, and not because they are remarkably accomplished, for it is easy to forget the cunning craft of them because it is so artfully hidden. Read them partly for the wicked laughter they will draw from you, and for the instantaneous changes of perspective they will inspire.
E.E. Cummings said that poetry consists of that quality which instantly alters your perception, like the old vaudeville joke:

Q. Would you hit a woman with a child?
A. No, I’d hit her with a brick.”

From the Foreword by Michael Ingham

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